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ReGen_WWS06-48DL (with external Dump Load)

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Rated Power 600W
Maximum Wind Turbine Input Power 900W
Rated Battery Voltage 48V
Rated Solar input power 300W
Display Mode LCD
Charge Shutoff Voltage 58V
Charge Recovery Voltage 52.8V
Wind Turbine Brake Current 15A
Battery Under Voltage Shutoff 43.2V
Battery Under Voltage Recovery 48V
Input Over Voltage Shutoff 64V
Light Control On Voltage 4V
Light Control Off Voltage 6V
Rated Output of Load 1 and Load 2 10A
Load 1 Output Control Mode Light Control On and Light Control Off
Load 2 Output Control Mode Light Control On and Time Control 5 Hours Off
Protection Level IP53 (Indoor)
Quiescent Current ≤ 20mA
Display Content Battery Voltage, Wind Turbine Voltage, PV Voltage, Wind Turbine Current, PV Current, Wind Turbine Power, PV Power, Over Voltage, Under Voltage,

Over Load, Short Circuit, Night ect status

Protection Functions Solar reverse charge protection, Solar reverse connection protection, Battery overcharge protection, Battery over-discharge protection, Battery reverse connection protection, Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Lightning Protection, Wind turbine current limiting, Wind turbine current limiting, Wind turbine automatic brake and manual brake.
Battery Support Lithium, Deep Cycle, Lead Acid, Gel and AGM
Ambient Temperature -20~+55℃
Ambient Humidity 0~93%, (Without Condensation)
Packaging Dimensions (L×W×H) 20.5cm x 15cm x 8cm
Net Weight 2.2 kg
Brochure updated 2022-02-17


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