There are 100s of solar panel manufacturers in the world all of who will claim to make top quality panels that will last for 25 years or more. They will all offer a warranty of 10 years or more but it is important to select a manufacturer who you can be confident will still be in business in 10 years to honour that warranty.

With major world brands like Canadian Solar, JA Solar, and others you can be confident they will be around for the long term. Other smaller companies may not survive in the very competitive solar market.

Often brand names you will see are not the actual manufacturer so it is important to find out who actually makes the panel and how secure they are as a business. Between them, the Top 7 solar panel manufacturers in the world made over 50% of the total panels made worldwide in 2017 and these form what is known as the Silicon Module Super League. It is highly recommended that you choose one of these brands to give you the best the chance of long term reliability and performance.