Farming / Rural

Going solar offers long-term financial benefits for farmers because there is a direct connection between managing the risks of climate change and the future financial well-being of their agricultural concerns.

Beyond the direct financial benefits of investing in solar, installing solar panels can also help protect your business against other risks: power shortages and relatively high electricity price increases. By installing solar, you will be able to lock in the price of your energy supply and reduce the business’s reliance on an unpredictable source of power. That makes it much easier for companies to budget and plan for the future.

Solar energy, as you well know, however, is only as good as the sunshine it receives, and this is where combinations of wind and solar come into their own.  Wind turbines can run day and night, keeping your batteries charged all the time.

The image on the left here shows small wind turbines added to each set of panels. They are cost effective and can keep most farmhouses and warehouses powered. For farms requiring more power for three-phase pumps for irrigation, some of our larger turbines really get the job done.

Financial incentives are not the only commercial benefits solar offers a business. Others include:

Winning more customers: Many current and potential customers are attracted to businesses that are committed to sustainability. Examples abound of businesses that have won large contracts because they have invested in solar – buyers love products and services that are sun-powered! In addition, investing in a solar installation is a great opportunity to promote your organization and raise awareness of your offering in the community.

Improving employee satisfaction: Employees are increasingly looking to work for sustainability-minded companies. By demonstrating your company’s commitment to solar power, your employees more invested in the company’s vision and mission and thus are more aligned and productive.

Supporting the local economy: When a business contracts with a solar company, workers in the local market complete the installation. By investing in solar projects, your business increases the availability of high quality, good paying jobs. Those workers could become your future customers, too.