So how much power do I need?

This largely depends on what you have installed at your premises. And do you want this on your critical load when the power goes out, The more you want to keep running at the same time the larger the system you’ll need to put it.

High wattage items like pumps, geysers, kettles, heaters all use loads of power:

  • Heater 1500W up to 3000W
  • Kettle 2000W
  • Tumble dryer 1000W
  • Most Pumps are 1000W and up

Our advice is to go through each space and very carefully and look at every device and light fitting, take down it’s labeled power rating and total each area, make notes as to how often you likely to use that device and for how long each day.

Are you likely to use all of them at the same time, it can be a real issue trying to run 7000w (7KW) of pumps kettles and sundry at the same time when your system is rated at 5KW, see why it’s important to spend the time up front.

Ten to one, you are using old light bulbs which can be swapped out for low energy LED bulbs, and not necessarily those horrible stark bright ones either, again this needs careful inspection and reflection.  Work areas like workshops, kitchens, and some office spaces are best suited to the Cool white bulbs but waiting areas, for instance, can have warm white bulbs fitted, the cost the same just give off a more golden light.

Future planning is so important, if you are planning expansion in office space, additional storage and refrigeration on your farm, maybe a new security system with cameras around every corner (Some of the larger security systems use between 500 and a 1000W constantly) extending an office space means lighting, computers printers….. you get the idea. make sure to calculate in that additional load.

Plan or at very least make sure you have growth potential on your system.

Don’t expect to only put up 2000W of panels and run a 5KW system off them, you’ll just be disappointed

Planning for more panels is really the cheapest way to add power to your system if you needing power generated after dark too, having a wind turbine in the mix makes the world of difference.