Solar is Solar right……. WRONG!!!

Most people learn this the very hard way, you need to look at a few things before rushing into Solar or any renewable energy.

I often get asked “So how much will it cost me to put my say average house/business onto Solar” and as I start explaining that they need to look at their existing consumption, I see their eye glassing over as they think…. “hmmm, he’s not giving me a straight answer, I want to know how much like now already!”

And giving someone a thumb suck quote is a very worst thing to do, you either way under or way over.

The truth is most buildings out there are not energy efficient so piling on a Solar system to run all those inefficient appliances, machines and lighting systems is just not financially viable.

You really need a proper audit done to see what you are currently using and where you bleeding cash every month.

An audit is a simple process and we can get this done for you.

You’ll very likely save 30% to 40 % on your capital outlay by just making your building more energy efficient, it’s a small investment most of the time and it’ll start saving you money even before you go Solar